Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Nama  : Moh. Taufik Syam Amir
NPM   :  24210143
Kelas   :  3EB20

        I think dating in their teens that are very unusual. But really not a pretty sight when the children are dating - children who are still in uniform secondary school. Because I think that age is still very young to be able to feel that his name dating. Since a young age it tends to not be able to think what is good and what is bad for himself.
       Very important role of parents in guiding their children at home. Children should be briefed not to fall into the things that are not desirable. If parents do not teach their children about sex education from an early age children will fall into casual sex or unreasonable thing kids do in dating.
       Free sex is the most important should be avoided for children who are still under age but, more importantly there is the problem of violence against the couple. The problem of violence is often the case in courtship. Therefore parents should pay attention to their children so as not to fall into bad things and we do not want.