Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Nama   : Moh.Taufik Syam Amir
Kelas    : 3EB20
NPM     : 24210143

       I would like to introduce my self. My complete name is Moh. Taufik Syam Amir. My nickname is taufik. i am a first from 2 children. my name is brother Muh. Afrizal Riski Amir. at home my brother always called ijal. he was 15 years old. my brother student junior high school 7 south tambun.

    I have a very happy family. i have the parent by name amirudin aziz and sri ismiyati. my father age at 46 years. my parent worked as a teacher. my mother teaching elementary school and i my father teaching junior high school.

      Come back to introduce from me. I live in bekasi, graha prima blok ia number 87. i was born on march 24th 1992 in Tegal. My primary school satria jaya 03 north tambun. and then i am student junior high school 3 south tambun. then forward to the next level senior high school pusaka nusantara 2 bekasi. and now i am student at university gunadarma i take strata 1 economics accounting. i hope to choose strata 1 economics accounting to be come quick to be able to job.

        I have hobby playing futsal. I played in position goal kepper. i have team futsal in campus the named ojonesu futsal team. i went to college by using motorcycle. ok finish intoduction from me.